Before the Storm Arrives: How You Can Avoid Storm Damage

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Preparing for an aggressive storm can be incredibly distressing, but not as distressing as returning home to terrible damage and destruction. Diagnosing and correcting problem areas before a storm arrives can be the difference between safety and tragedy. Let’s take a look at five ways that preparation can prevent storm damage.

Check for Cracks to Prevent Storm Damage

Ensuring a flood protected home begins in the basement. This means checking your foundation for cracks. As your home ages, small cracks may form in your foundation. These cracks can let water into your home and lead to terrible flooding. You can prevent this kind of damage by periodically walking around your home and fixing cracks with caulk. If cracks grow too large or become too difficult to manage on your own, consider hiring a contractor to assist in the process.

Seal Any Weakness

Much like the cracks we just discussed, small openings can form throughout your home. These little openings can allow water inside your home and lead to flooding. Sealant should be injected into gaps around windows, walls, and door frames.

Install a French Drain

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve likely read about the reasons to install a French drain in or around your home. Depending on the location of your home on your property, the slope of the land might lead water in the direction of your home. This can prove particularly troublesome in heavy rains that lead to flooding. A French drain can be installed in your yard to help prevent standing water from flooding your lawn and entering the home.

Prepare for the Worst

Even with these steps and other types of storm preparations, you should prepare for the worst. When the forecast calls for storms with flood possibilities, pack an emergency bag and prepare what you can inside your home for the best possible outcome. This might mean moving your most valued possessions to the highest parts of your home. You might also consider investing in or increasing your flood insurance. Preparation is your best defense!

Hire a Professional to Reduce Storm Damage

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about preventing storm damage, remember that you’re never alone in preparing your home. Professional help is only a call away. The experts at HS Waterproofing are ready to walk through your home and give you a no-risk quote. Don’t delay–contact us today!