How Basement Waterproofing Can Save You From Expensive Repairs

Homeowners like to keep their eyes on the bottom line when it comes to making repairs. Why not think about making improvements before they become problems? Waterproofing the basement of your New Jersey home is one of the smartest types of preventative maintenance that you can do. In today’s blog, we’ll look at five ways that basement waterproofing can save you from expensive emergency repairs.

Waterproofing Protects Your Home From Extreme Weather

According to NOAA, Hurricane Sandy caused nearly $29.4 billion in damage as a result of severe wind and coastal flooding throughout New Jersey in 2012. Our state is particularly susceptible to all forms of crazy weather. Nor’easters can cause hurricane-level damage from September to April. Snow plagues our area every winter. Not to mention summer storms, flash floods, and other forms of extreme weather. Waterproofing your basement can prevent water from entering your home at the lowest levels.

Basement Waterproofing Prevents Floodwater Damage

Floodwater moves inside quickly and can cause expensive damage in a matter of minutes. Having an experienced waterproofing company give you an estimate and begin work months before tragedy strikes can be cheaper. Flood water cleanup can be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous. While it might not keep all the water out of your home, waterproofing your basement will reduce points of entry.

Basement Waterproofing Protects Your Family

When water enters your home and isn’t handled quickly, it becomes a breeding ground for mold and other dangerous toxins. Mold spores can spread easily and cause any number of health issues, including colds, allergic reactions, and asthma. Standing water also leads to dangerous infections. Basement waterproofing is designed to keep water out and use safe removal methods for any water that might come inside temporarily.

Basement Waterproofing Saves You Time and Money

While a lot of homeowners find do-it-yourself projects enjoyable and fulfilling, waterproofing is something best left to professionals. When you have the opportunity to get the work done ahead of a large water event, you can with experienced waterproofers to design custom plans to meet the needs of your home and your desired aesthetic. Not to mention: there’s a better chance that you will be able to stay in your home or return sooner in the aftermath of severe weather. This means saving time, money, and dread.

HS Waterproofing Can Help You Today!

Now that you know about the dangers that extreme weather can cause to your home and family, it’s time to act. HS Waterproofing has been doing waterproofing and water remediation projects in New Jersey for over 20 years. We’re the experts that set you at ease. Contact us today!