How to Avoid Mold in Every Season

Room with air circulation to avoid mold

Every homeowner is looking for ways to avoid mold through the entire year. Mold growth is tricky because it grows best in overlooked areas of your home that you don’t spend a lot of time in. Regardless of the weather or season, controlling the humidity and airflow in your house is key. If you are looking to avoid mold, here are a few tips.

Control Moisture to Avoid Mold

Moisture is a key part of mold growth. Most mold grows in damp, dark places. Monitoring humidity is crucial for keeping mold under control. You can install a hygrometer, which is inexpensive, and easily monitor humidity levels.  Some seasons bring more humidity than others, such as spring and summer. You should run a dehumidifier during high humidity seasons.

Promote Air Circulation

Air circulation is low in rooms without windows and ceiling fans. When temperatures are warm, open your windows so the wind can blow in air. Putting ceiling fans in rooms, especially those without windows, is a great way to avoid mold. Fans in general are a sure way to get more air circulation.

Spring Cleaning Should Happen in Every Season

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your home is a great way to avoid mold. Emptying drip trays underneath the refrigerator helps prevent leaks or overflows that can lead to excess moisture.  Wiping down windows in the winter as ice melts and water accumulates can also help you avoid mold growth. Heavy rains in spring increase risk for basement flooding, so regularly check the sump pump to ensure proper water drainage.

Let the Sun Shine

Sunshine brings warmth and dries out damp spaces. Keep curtains open to let the sunshine in whenever possible, regardless of the season. The warmth from the sun raises the temperature of your home, which is especially important for colder winter days. Sunlight also helps moisture evaporate and helps you prevent mold growth.

Keep Moisture Outside Your Home

Another preventative measure to avoid mold is to make sure outside moisture stays outside. Water runoff from gutter collection usually runs down a waterspout on one of the corners of a home. The waterspout/pipe should be on top of a splash guard. Additionally, aim the waterspout away from the house and make sure water doesn’t pool right next to the foundation.

Hire HS Waterproof to Avoid Mold

If you are unsure how to best avoid mold, hiring a professional is your best bet. HS Waterproof has years of experience in diagnosing trouble-areas in homes for mold growth. We can provide recommendations for improving home ventilation and reducing moisture areas. Our goal is to help you tackle mold and provide a quality customer service experience. To schedule an appointment, visit our website or give us a call today at (609)-257-4798.