basement flooding

Basement Flooding

It’s one of the worst surprises a homeowner can get. Everything is fine until you step into the basement. Suddenly, you realize that water is pooling on the floor. You may have a few puddles, or you may have several feet of standing water. Either way, you need to act immediately. Don’t let this flooding cause any more damage than it already has. Call HS Waterproofing for basement flooding restoration services. We’ll get rid of that water right away!

Whatever the Source

Whatever the reason for your basement flooding, HS Waterproofing is ready to help. Sometimes it’s a simple case of groundwater. If the ground has too much water and your basement isn’t waterproof, that water can show up inside your basement. If it’s not groundwater, then you might have leaks after a rainstorm. At other times, you may have a burst or leaking pipe. No matter what the cause, your HS Waterproofing team has everything that they need to deal with it. No water damage is too overwhelming for the HS crew. You can call us for any sized job. We’ve got it covered.

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How We Can Help

At HS Waterproofing, we go way beyond removing the water. Of course, we will start with water removal. Our expert team and our high-quality pumps will get rid of the water fast. Next, we’ll make sure that the space is completely dry by using fans, dehumidifiers, and other tools. Once that step is done, we sanitize the space. If the water in your basement came from a flood, then it likely contains bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances. Even clear water can be dangerous, but we’ll make sure that your basement is completely clean before we’re finished. Afterward, we’ll do a mold check to make sure that your home stays safe and healthy.

Once we’ve finished removing the water, we also offer further waterproofing. If you want to prevent more water from reaching your basement, our waterproofing methods offer the perfect defense against weather and groundwater.

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Looking for an experienced, certified team to get the water out of your basement? Then contact HS Waterproofing today. We know that you don’t have time to waste, so we’ll work fast and get the job done well. We even offer 24/7 service in case of emergency. Call HS Waterproofing today to get started. Let’s get your basement back to normal again.