Why Your Sump Pump Needs a Battery Backup

If you live in an area that struggles with regular flooding or if your home sits on a particularly high flood table, the chances are that you’ve got a sump pump. When it comes to getting rid of unexpected or unwanted water in your home, a sump pump might be the answer. But what happens if your sump pump doesn’t work due to an electrical failure? In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few reasons to insist on installing a sump pump with a battery backup.

Battery Backup Reason #1: Reduces Risk

The first thing to understand about using a sump pump with battery backup is that it can keep your system running. Imagine that a strong storm takes out your electrical system. Without a battery backup, your sump pump will not work properly and your home will experience greater water damage. If you live somewhere that experiences regular flood activity, a battery backup might be right for you.

Battery Backup Reason #2: Easy Maintenance

A second idea to keep in mind about a sump pump with battery backup is how easy it is to maintain. Once a battery is installed, it will run without incident for as long as the battery has power. It should be noted that some batteries will have larger capacities and take more energy to run than others. It’s important to install the correct battery to be sure that the pump will function properly.

Battery Backup Reason #3: Low Battery Reminders Keep Your Home Safe

The third and final thing to think about when it comes to sump pumps involves low battery alerts. As sump pumps have become more sophisticated, they’ve become easier to use. In some of the newest systems, homeowners will receive notifications about low batteries. These might be audible tones like smoke detectors or they might be emails or text reminders.

HS Waterproofing: Your Sump Pump Installation Professionals

It’s important to understand that sump pumps will wear down over time. If you have a sump pump that’s over ten years old, it’s time to replace it with a newer model. If your sump pump is newer, it’s important to have an annual inspection to ensure that it’s still working perfectly. Whether you’re in the market for a new system or just need maintenance, consider calling HS Waterproofing. We’re experts at keeping your home dry. Don’t delay–contact us today!