A Beginner’s Guide to Basement Water Cleaning

Water in your basement can happen for a few different reasons. It doesn’t matter if it came in due to pipe failure, a weather event, or some other reason. The key thing to know about basement water cleaning is that it has to happen fast. The longer that water sits in your home, the worse the damage is going to be. Let’s take a look at how to get started with your repairs.

Cleanup Tip #1: Safety First

Before undertaking any water cleaning plan, it’s important to be sure that your entire family is taken care of. Double-check that all electricity has been turned off and appliances disconnected. It’s also a great idea to have kids, pets, and other non-essential people out of the impacted area. Standing water in your basement can lead to sickness. This happens due to the excessive number of unknown substances that travel through waterways in the aftermath of a storm.

Basement Water Cleanup Tip #2: Complete Dryness Is Required

When you’re ready to move forward, getting the water out of your basement may require a few different techniques. It is completely dependent on the location of the water. It also depends on how much water is involved. If your home is already outfitted with a sump pump, it should provide some help. Other tools include dehumidifiers, towels, fans, and other manual pumping systems. The key to this stage is making sure that your home is completely dry. Any leftover moisture can cause problems. If you find yourself overwhelmed or unsure about this process, consult a water restoration company for help.

Tip #3: Basement Water Can Lead to Mold

Do a deep down inspection for any signs of mold once the water is gone. This can get tricky since mold can hide behind walls and in crevices that cannot be easily seen. This is certainly a part of the cleanup process that could benefit from the assistance of mold specialists. They will identify, remove, and repair any mold damage quickly–back to original or better condition. Getting rid of possible mold can alleviate any number of dangerous health risks.

Basement Water Cleaning Tip #4: Waterproofing Can Prevent Future Damage

Waterproofing your basement is your best offensive move against headaches in the future. When you’re ready to prevent future damage, call HS Waterproofing. We’re your dream water restoration team. We have been helping your neighbors correct and prevent water damage for over 20 years. Don’t delay–contact us today!